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Tufts University: The President's Marathon Challenge

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When 'Thank You' is not enough!!

To our dear members of the Tufts 2009 President's
Marathon Challenge Team!

We are still on a 'high' from the events leading up to the marathon ... being at Mile 9 was out of this world!! ... standing among the many wonderful families and friends, and running along side of you (while nearly being swept along to the finish line with some!!) was VERY special ... and to the eventual greetings that took place on Boylston Street as you completed your journey were the very best! ... I know how exciting it was having President Bacow and Mim Nelson hug you at the finish line ... it was a real treat for everyone ... it is so special being there among the tears of joy as you cross the line ... I get teary eyed just thinking of all the hugs ... and they are beautiful thoughts! ... the BAA administrates an extraordinary event and does a fabulous job of recognizing all the runners ... my only regret is when they have to dismantle the finish line equipment and stands while many runners are still on the course ... I decided to walk down Boylston Street and meet our runners as they finished ... the first one was Katie Dolan ... we ran the final few hundred yards together and were met by her husband, Peter, and their family ... then I had the chance to run with Lily Bogus ... and that which was very special ... shortly after that I ran with Ivy Vo (She had her own fan club there!!) ... I wish you could have heard the cheers from the spectators still on Boylston Street cheering for Katie, Lily and Ivy ... absolutely awesome!... it was the most running for me in a long time!

We cannot thank each of you enough for all that you have done to make the PMC so special ... there must be so many personal stories that take place on Marathon Monday ... I wish we could know more about them! ... the ones who were running in memory of their friends and family members must be so inspiring! ... I hope we get the chance to see or hear from you and your personal experience!!
As a marathoner you now become a member of a very select group of individuals ... The One Percenters! ... And what does that mean? ... The answer: Of the entire world's population, less than one percent have ever completed a marathon ... this makes each of you a member of a VERY select and special group!!! And that is something to be extremely proud of!

Thank you ... thank you ... and thank you!
Your devoted friend! Don Megerle

PS: Once the photos are processed by our capable photographers, Joanie Tobin and Alonso Nichols, I will send them along ... hopefully we'll have a few ready for the President's Reception today (see below) ...

Two Final Events for the PMC:
The site for our 2009 President's Reception has been changed ... PLEASE NOTE:
DATE: Tuesday - April 21, 2009
SITE: Chase Gym - Cousens Gymnasium - Adjacent to the Gantcher Center
TIME: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Meeting at the Burren Restaurant
DATE: Tuesday - April 21, 2009
SITE: Davis Square - 247 Elm Street
TIME: 8:00 PM

Photo Link taken by Molly Siegel - Thanks Molly!!
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"Running with the PMC has been such a fantastic, wonderful and rewarding experience. It's difficult to describe, but the running is almost secondary."

- Rebecca Boulos, N10

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